Easy to Use – Hard to See.

Keep out weather, bugs, and moisture without seeing it. Conceal disappears into the woodwork so you don’t know the wood starts and the caulk begins.

This elastic and versatile caulk stretches and compresses as logs move, ensuring that the elements and insects stay out of your log home for years to come. Conceal Textured Caulk comes in several colors to match today’s log home stains so that you can’t tell where the log ends and the caulk begins!

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We talk a lot about high performance around here, but what the heck makes a sealant or caulk high performance?

A sealant or caulk should be flexible, elastic, and adhesive. Many sealants are flexible, adhesive, or elastic. It is the combination of all three together that leads to high performance, meaning durability and longevity you can trust.

Interior & exterior wood surfaces or where a textured wood sealant look is desired, including:Log homes:

  • Log checks and cracks.
  • Wood siding butt joints.
  • Around wood doors and windows.
  • Where wood meets chimneys.
  • Corner boards.
  • Baseboards.
  • Crown molding.
  • And more!

Adheres well to most standard building materials.

  • Surfaces previously coated with a waxy or non-drying oil coating.
  • Surfaces specifically designed to be non-stick, like Kynar coated.
  • Surfaces previously sealed with silicone – silicone and silicone residue must first be removed.