Aboweld 55-1™


Sag-Resistant Epoxy Paste for Concrete Repair.  Use on Vertical, Overhead, and Horizontal Surfaces Without Forms.

Uses: Fill cracks, replace missing concrete, and permanently bond concrete and most rigid materials. Aboweld 55-1 excels at both industrial and home repairs. Restore columns, walls, ceilings, foundations, pools, rails, stair risers and treads, sculptures, and more.  It is also great for installing machinery, posts, precasts, and other structural components.

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Features and Benefits: Aboweld 55-1 has tenacious adhesion and structural strength that make it suitable for even the most punishing environments. It is slump resistant up to 3/8” thick on vertical surfaces and can be applied overhead.  Aboweld 55-1 is shrink-free and chemical resistant.  It even hardens under water.

Technical Characteristics:  Mixing ratio: 1:1. 100% solids.  Pot life: approximately 20-30 minutes.  Hardens in 1-6 hours depending on temperature.  Color: light gray.

Meets ASTM C881/C882 Type III, Grade 3, Class B, C.

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greenguard certified This product is GreenGuard® Certified, meaning that it has been 3rd party verified to contain virtually no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).

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