Multi-Surface Concentrate with NANO


Penetrating Sealer for Wood, Concrete & Masonry

SEAL-ONCE® has been leading the innovation in the use of nanotechnology to create long-lasting, eco-friendly wood sealers & tinted wood stains since 2005. Multi-Surface Concentrate with NANO deeply penetrates the surface to protect & stabilize wood, concrete & masonry against adverse weather & caustic conditions, including salt water spray. It uses proprietary nano-polymers to form a flexible, breathable barrier by coating the wood fibers and concrete pores, preventing water ingress.

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Multi-Surface Concentrate Waterproofing Sealer & Stain preserves the integrity of wood, concrete and masonry by inhibiting cracking, spalling, warping, cupping, rot, decay, mold, mildew & algae growth. It forms a pliable, breathable barrier that allows the substrate to expand & contract & water vapor to escape. It is non-film forming, non-yellowing and will not alter the natural color of wood, concrete or masonry.

Multi-Surface Concentrate is diluted 1:1 with clean water to create the final, usable formula.  It goes on milky white &  dries clear.  It allows wood to silver naturally over time, and can also be mixed with any of our 11 semi-transparent color tints for wood, to enhance the appearance of your project.  Warranted to prevent long-standing water accumulation for up to 10 years on vertical & up to 6 years on horizontal surfaces. Not recommended for concrete driveways or garage floors.

*Actual stain colors may vary from on-screen and printer representations.*

  • Stamped & Concrete Patios.
  • Brick Pavers.
  • Brick & Masonry.
  • Wood Surfaces.
  • Water-based, Ultra-Low VOC.
  • Eco-friendly, Non-toxic, No Odor.
  • Won’t harm people, pets or plants.
  • Penetrates below the surface.
  • Creates flexible, breathable barrier.
  • Helps resist mold, mildew & wood rot.
  • Stabilizes from cracking & spalling.
  • Easy soap & water clean-up.
  • Clear allows the wood to grey naturally.